Foodie Heaven

This year’s Asian Heritage Street Celebration boasts a scrumptious collection of pan-Asian delights and sweets, along with the Bay Area’s most popular food trucks. Food vendors will be located on Larkin and Golden Gate Streets accompanied by a seating area. Here’s a look at some of this year’s vendors.


Happy Dumplings

Pan-fried pot stickers with chive, pork, cabbage, chicken and/or vegetable filling.

Hawaii BBQ

Barbecue chicken, pork kebabs and french bread.

Irma’s Pampanga

Lumpia and noodles.

Johnny’s Cafe and Donuts

Cambodian-style barbecue beef, chicken, and ribs;  fried rice, Thai iced tea and drinks.

JT Restaurant Catering 

Adobo pork, rice, chicken, pansit, lumpia, and roast pork.


Balut and other Filipino delicacies.

Osha Thai Restaurant

Authentic traditional Thai food

pad thai

Saigon BBQ

Vietnamese food, including vermicelli and rice noodles, Imperial spring rolls and kebabs.

Tofu Yu, LLC

Prepackaged tofu products, including chipotle, curried, and jasmine tea-smoked tofu.

Traveling Takoyaki

Takoyaki (savory battered octopus balls), Japanese-style eggrolls and onigiri (Japanese rice balls).


Chairman Bao

Chairman Bao

Traditional and savory Chinese steamed and baked buns.

Curry Up Now

Indian food on a taco truck, including samosas, aloo tikki and tikki masala.


Fried chicken, spam musubi, steak, chicken and tofu tacos.

Spammer by IZ-IT

Little Green Cyclo

Vietnamese street food including banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) and rice boxes.

Senor Sisig

Filipino fusion food including tacos, burritos and rice.

Seoul on Wheels

Korean BBQ tacos.

Tikka Bytes – food truck

Tikka BytesIndian-fusion and street food; naan, biriyani (rice bowls), tikka masala and more.


Curbside Coffee – food truck

Hot drinks including espresso, mocha lattes and hot chocolates.

Jane’s Fresh Icy Boba

Cold drinks with boba (tapioca balls).

Jamba Juice

Healthy blended beverages and juices made from fresh fruits.

AHSC Beer Booth

Sapporo, hefeweizen and pear cider.


Charlie Frank’s Pies

Different kinds of pies, including sweet potato peach, coconut rum and key lime.


Soft serve desserts, cotton candy and bottled drinks.

Kara’s Cupcakes– food truck

Delectable cupcakes, baked at their Scott St. bakery.

The Killer Baking Co.

Freshly baked brownies.

Ramar Foods

Individually wrapped ice bar popsicles.

Sweet ToothSno cones, halo halo and tapioca pearl drinks.


Delicious Kettle Corn

Kettle corn and bottled drinks.

Ear-Good Corn Roasters

Roasted corn and baked potatoes.

Sun Lee, Inc.

Canned corn products, bagged rice (brown and red rice), cake snacks and drinks.

Sugar Shack

Corn dogs, popcorn, caramel apples, cotton candy and nachos.