World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine at AHSC

The East West Academy of Healing Arts (EWAHA) integrates eastern and western medicine to provide a system of excellence in health and life for all people and will be at this year’s Asian Heritage Street Celebration. Where nothing has worked for many conditions, Chow Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine has successfully healed the conditions.  Stress, pain, low energy or stamina, frozen shoulders, obesity, poor sleep and even serious conditions such as stroke, cancer, arthritis, respiratory distress, hip, knee pains and many conditions can be readily helped.  Be sure to visit our 5 booths opposite the Asian Art Museum on Larkin St.

Be sure to check out the schedule of events below!

You will have an out-of-this-world experience of a life time, and bring home some free gifts that have been Qi-infused, and get free pulse and tongue diagnosis and natural healing touch or energy sessions.  Our website is: We excel in teaching people how to heal themselves.  We have a special mini-program hourly. We are happy to answer your questions.

Dr. Effie Chow, world renowned Nurse, Acupuncturist, Qigong Grandmaster, Visionary and Humanitarian of the Year, appointed by President Clinton to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy can teach you how to reduce pain or stress, be more energetic in a few minutes.  You will learn how to feel energy and improve your flexibility of body, mind and spirit.  She will demonstrate how to use the empty-force Qi to move five large people…to teach you how to accelerate your Qi-Power for healing self and others.

Grandmaster Zhou Ting-Jue awarded “Qigong Master of hard Qi of the Year” at the 13th World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, April, 30, 2011. Qigong Master Zhou will be giving a lecture explaining the secrets of a bagua water meditation to double your energy and accelerate your Qi transmission abilities. He has demonstrated his ability to heat objects up to 200 degrees on Ripley’s Believe it or Not. You now have the option to coming to a demonstration on Saturday May 21, before the general workshop on Sunday, or private sessions to witness Master Zhou employ his internal mastery to transmit heat. He will transform mud into powder, and demonstrating his amazing healing abilities.

Sifu Alex Feng will use the Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis to immediately assess your health status and recommend what you can do to improve your health.

Master Anthony Tung Acupressurist will give free sessions.

Melanie Feng, with Chinese Artifacts specially infused with Qi-energy by the Qigong Masters for healing.

Ann Colichidas, Thomas Rutledge, Bob Sabotino, Karen Jorgensen will demonstrate and teachthe audience in the Chow Qigong exercises, the warm-ups and the Precious Eight Qigong.  They will demonstrate and invite participation by audience, will show and lead you in some easy to learn beginning steps in Chow Qigong.

Meditation at 12:00 noon (the time of the heart in Chinese Medicine) for personal health, for others, and the planet to be healthy, free of pain and suffering   There are hundreds of people from all over the world participating at this time.

Thomas Rutledge will give free shoulder and back tui nah, ahn moh therapeutic massage

Michael Santos will balance your energy with SFQ.

Donations and Proceeds May 21 will be donated for the Japan Relief Fund.  The Free Wheel of Fortune will have large and small prizes available.  Donations are welcome!

Other Masters will teach you….

• Experience and learn to instantly relieve pain

• The Healing of Laughter, Sound and Touch!

• Sound Healing Meditation: Experience meditation techniques, discovering how to transform every molecule in your entire body.

• Qi Transmission: Feel healing Qi course through your entire body. Physically experience the power.

• Healing Prayer Circles: Experience the healing energy of community energy work and join in to manifest peace, joy, healing, and prosperity both personally and globally.

Learn to heal yourself and others!  Do you wish for optimum health and well-being, look younger, look beautiful, lose weight, have existing aches and pain and tired energy and other problems? Join us, learn how to be revived, painfree, energized and financially more abundant!  Help us raise funds for Japan Relief…they are still suffering, RAffle tickets for sale throughout the day.  Try the Wheel of Fortune for prizes….

This program is geared for audience participation (of all ages) …people generally feel improved with higher energy level and more alert.  Adults and Children…families can participate.  Be prepared to be amazed at the human potential and your own potential!

Call early, 415-730-0866 if you wish personal appointments with Grandmaster Ting-Jue Zhou (Sat & Sun), Dr. Effie Chow (Sat, Sun, & thereafter), Master Anthony Tung (Sat only), Master Ryo Eguchi (Sat only), Master Michael Santos (Sat only).


11:00 am Opening – Experience Your Own Qi-Energy and the Healing of Your Mind…What you think you are, it is so! Healing miracles of hugs and laughter and nutrition! Demonstrations with audience on how your actions and mind affect your health and immune system.  Dr. Effie Chow, PhD, RN, LAc(CA), DiplAc(NCCAOM), Qigong Grandmaster. Featured in PBS half hour program.

11:30 am The Healing Qi-Heat with world famous Grandmaster Ting-Jue Zhou (China and Los Angeles) – Grandmaster Zhou can in two minutes with his own accelerated body heat produce sand out of mud! Featured in Ripley’s “believe it ot Not!”.   He uses the same heat capabilty to heal immediate and long-standing problems. (Private appointments can be made for Sat and Sun. Call 415-730-0866.)

12:00 pm Chow Meditation Time of the Heart (as in Chinese Medicine) for Health and Peace for Individuals, Japan, and the Planet.  Participation by audience and many from around the world who join us daily!

12:30 pm YMCA – Hayabusa (Falcon) Drummers Taiko Drums (TBC) The Deep Healing of the Drumming Sounds!  Carol Ayres, Cathy Cheung and group.  Public can examine and play the drums after performance

01:00 pm Chow Medical Qigong Exercises – Warm-ups and Precious Eight – Ann Colichidas leading, Cathy Cheung, Thomas Rutledge, Karen Jorgensen, Bob Sabotino, Matt Nielsen, Vince Nielsen, Carolyn Bass,  other students and audience participation

01:30 pm Demonstration and public participation with Acupressure with Anthony Tung.

02:00 pm Demonstrate Light as a Feather Qigong…eg. stand on elevated paper.  Teaching some Qigong maneuvers for promoting exceptional good health – Grandmaster Ting-Jue Zhou.   Demonstration of breaking a chopstick against his neck, and other . WuDang Qigong Collecting and Transmitting Qi the Ancient Way

02:30 pm Qi-Pressure for upper extremities, some common Qi- points, and White Flower, for prevention of and getting rid of colds, flus, stress, pain, other common daily ailments as well as neuromuscloskeletal conditions.  Dr. Chow and students with audience participation.  Demostrate and teach the use of Qi-pressure for lower extremities – the legs – for better balance, mobility, and stronger in sports.

03:00 pm SFQ, rebalancing the energy body for health.  –  Master Michael Santos

03:30 pm Magical Wushu Martial Arts performance by children and adults under world-renown Masters Philip Wong and Mei Hong Zhang, Pacific Wushu in San Francisco

04:00 pm Shaolin Qigong with Master Ryo Eguchi from Japan.  Participation by all.  (Can win a Shiatsu therapy from Master Eguchi)

04:30 pm Energy Testing for mind/body and spirit… intentional consciousness, The Secret in Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine for excellent health, resist Dis-Ease, and Prevent Disease!  Participation by public.  Dr. Grandmaster Chow and Dr. Sifu Alex Feng.

05:00 pm  to 06:00 pm Raffle Drawing. Raising Funds for Japan Relief.   And personal consultations.  Closure at 6pm.