Sponsor Spotlight: CVS Caremark

CVS Caremark is the nation’s largest pharmacy health care provider, combining one of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical service companies with one of the country’s largest pharmacy chains.  We fill or manage more than one billion prescriptions per year-more than any other pharmacy services provider.  CVS Caremark drives value for pharmacy services customers by effectively managing costs and improving health outcomes through its over 7,000 CVS/pharmacy stores.  We are also well positioned to offer broader disease management, health assessment and wellness services to help customers manage and protect against potential health risks and avoid future health costs.

CVS Caremark Pharmacists provide outreach through education to improve overall health outcomes to our communities.  We are committed to providing resources to help organizations focus on improving health access and support to uninsured and underinsured communities throughout its markets.

At CVS Caremark, we continually achieve market leading business results through a unified understanding of diversity and by applying that understanding to the work we do every day.  Diversity at CVS Caremark is all-inclusive and impacts every facet of our business. 

We believe in genuine respect and understanding of all differences, similarities and complexities that exist among people.   This allows us to fully leverage our differences and optimize our similarities.  It is those qualities that result in innovation enabling us to more effectively and creatively address health and business challenges.

For more information about our research and the great work we do for our communities, visit www.cvscaremarkfyi.com. For store location information, visit www.cvs.com.