Volunteer Profile: Sandra Sengdara Matta Siharath

Sandra Sengdara Matta Siharath

Name: Sandra Sengdara Matta Siharath

Occupation: English teacher  

Affiliations: Founder of South East Asian Cultural Heritage & Musical Performing Arts (SEACHAMPA)  

Ethnicity: Asian American (Lao, Thai, Chinese, Portuguese)  

Number of Years With AHSC: 5 years  

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ram

I began volunteering for the AHSC because: Of the opportunity to continue to build stronger communities. Also it’s a great way to culturally network and learn new cultural customs.  

One thing I am looking most look forward to at this year’s celebration is: Welcoming new street festival attendees and seeing new fusion vendors  

My favorite Asian cultural tradition is: Honoring and showing appreciation to your parents for their unconditional love.  

Favorite Asian food: Naam Kao Lao Rice ball salad  

Favorite Asian Pacific American Celebrity: Smart and hilarious Dr. Kendrick Kang-Joh “Ken” Jeong  

I am embarrassed to admit that:  I played Pokemon silver version at the gym..gotta catch ’em all!  

My Superhero power would be: To be able to enhance cultural awareness and sensitivity by just a wink of an eye.  

If I could vacation with anyone anywhere, it would be: With Bill Gate’s credit card. I could make friends with anyone and go everywhere.