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Calling all shoppers!

The Asian Arts and Crafts World Market showcases the best and most creative Asian-themed arts and crafts items.  Shoppers can expect the highest quality of hand-crafted goods from artists in a wide variety of mediums from these jury selected artisan vendors. From handcrafted jewelry, fabric handbags made with Asian inspired-prints to Asian-influenced apparel and creative home decorations, the Arts and Crafts World Market at the Hill Physicians Asian Heritage Street Celebration is the ultimate gathering of artists and craftspersons showcasing  their artwork for the highly selective shopper. Be sure to also stroll through the Asian Art Museum for free, courtesy of Target.

Here are the 2014 vendors:

S&C Enterprise

Redwood City

Asian inspired apparel and hats. Also, includes unique, hand-selected items from over 80 countries.



Daly City



Offers stunning T-shirts with Japanese themed designs as well as custom designing service for posters, portraits, logos etc.

Kiyoko’s Origami


Exquisitely handmade origami art and other origami pieces. These include framed and hanging origami art(11×14,8×10,5×7), bookmarks, ornaments, greeting cards, light switches etc.

Ping’s Arts&Crafts


Ping’s Arts&Crafts takes you back in time as they  display a variety of traditional Chinese paintings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, woodcuts and more.


Beefy & Co.

Daly City

Prepare to be blown away by Beefy & Co.’s adorable designer art, toy, apparel and plushy inspired by comic superheroes, animation and pop culture.

Jade Trading Co.

Castro Valley

Fedora hats, sunglasses, toys, parasol and much more!

Fili Islander


Offers a variety of authentic Filipino products which ranges from T-shirts, hats, handcrafted necklaces, baby clothes, phone cases, and stickers.

Baybayin LLC

Walnut Creek

Dynamic Philippine calligraphy art presented on multiple mediums such as hats, canvas, paper and tattoos.

Fortune Kookie Fun

San Francisco

Enjoy balloon sculptures and body painting from Kookie the clown!

Pearl Reef Designs


Beautiful unique jewelry made from recycled bicycle tubes.

Tera Tera

Palo Alto

Come by and take a look at sterling silver art jewelry, silky scarves and handmade wooden and metal artifacts.


Kiki’s gifts & crafts

San Francisco

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and jewelry sets.


The ANGELAs Paint

San Francisco

Asian-inspired artwork embodied on a canvas with acrylic paint. Some themes include Sriracha, sushi, bubble tea, and much more!




Beautiful oil paintings on T-shirts.

The Lei Stand

Daily City

Lei inspired jewelry, paper cards/gift tags, terrariums.

Lix Perle Accessories & Apparel

San Francisco

Chic infinity scarves and hand-knitted cowl scarves that are multi-functional and easy to wear. All products are hand made in this mother & daughter business.

Ecosystems of Hawaii


Mini Hawaiian ecosystems that incorporate the Aloha spirit into each container. They are made of black sea fan corals, lava rocks, faux flowers, white corals, shells, sand and gravel.

Filosophy Inc.

San Francisco

Specializes with products from Thailand. Involves handmade jewelry, scarves, shawls, sari silk purses, Buddha wood carvings, yoga bags and rugs.

Poetic Pillows


Modern and classic artwork depicted on pillow covers, apparels and other fashion accessories.

The Head Panda

San Francisco

Adorable plush animal hats and t-shirts designed by a local SF artist.

fakeFake Couture


Vintage-inspired handmade French silk flower bracelets, glamorous brooches, and fascinator hats all made using traditional, time honed techniques.

Stine’s Stitches ‘N Things

San Francisco

Hand-crocheted clothing for women, girls and babies. Items include dresses, skirts, tops, ponchos, hats, and bags.

Clarks Handmade Gifts

San Jose

Handmade jewelry, earring, bracelets, necklaces hats, switch covers, towel sets and much more!


Chasing Clouds Studio ( with Hachidori Studio)

Corte Madera

One-of-kind pieces which showcases the beauty of nature. Includes handmade block print cards, hand-bound notebooks, and home décor.

676 Candles Co.


Hand poured scented candled made of soy wax with 100% soy and wicks of 100% cotton.

Hmong Handicrafts Gifts


Handmade embroideries skirts, jackets, purse, wallet, ornaments and much more.


Dragon Motif


Hand painted Chinese Art wood panels, and a collection vintage antique.

The Savvy Heart

San Jose

Up for display is a variety of handcrafted jewelry with precious stones.


Here are the 2013 vendors:

A wide array of eclectic art and fashions are on offer by local vendors at the AHSC Arts and Crafts section. Browse through the wares offered by these talented artists.

Art to Stimulate Your Soul and Your Drab Room

American Chinese Cultural and Art Association

San Francisco

Chinese art and calligraphy


Walnut Creek


Modernized, stylized art consisting of native script from the Philippines, done on canvas, paper and pendants.  



Framed and matted Chinese brush paintings, inspired by dragons and zodiacs. Cards and T-shirts available as well.


Kiyoko’s Origami


Origami art in shadow box frames, light switches, ornaments and bookmarkers.


Ping’s Arts and Crafts


Woodcuts of flowers and dragons, pictures of traditional Chinese paintings, and wood bracelets.



RM Creations

Elk Grove

Origami Charm  Red w/Glass Heart

Origami Charm
Red w/Glass Heart

Silvery and ethereal hand-poured soy candles, origami charms, hand-painted ornaments and sake bottle reed diffusers


So Real Factory, Inc.



Offers hand-painted dishes from Northern Thailand, with wholesale prices on a selection of artificial flowers, home decors and accessories.


For your ever-expanding wardrobe


Alissa B. Custom Jewelry

Santa Cruz

allisa b ring

Stand-out gemstone beaded jewelry made with a subdued, eye-catching yet non-overbearing style that can kindle a fire to the senses.


Aylana Zanville

Santa Cruz

bikini top

Dependable, outdoor swimwear for women that always stays on, allowing you to be comfortably in the moment.



Santa Monica

Concepcion Design Dress

Dresses made for the style-conscious woman in materials ranging from cotton mandarin to silk.




Varying jewelry along with animal forms, such as owls, bears, elephants and kittens minted with jewels.



Elephant Tails


Thai products ranging from jewelry, wooden bangles and gear shift knobs.




Infinity Scarf

San Francisco

Chic infinity scarves and hand-knitted cowl scarves that are multi-functional and easy to wear.


S&C Enterprise 
Redwood City

Hand-selected items from over 80 countries. Cuban guayaberas, barong tagalogs, Hawaiian shirts, kurtas from India, batik dashikis from Africa.



Pearl Reef Designs

Black Seahorse Earrings, Upcycled Bike Tire silhouette seahorse jewelry

Black Seahorse Earrings, Upcycled Bike Tire silhouette seahorse jewelry


Modern jewelries made from ”eco-leather,” like bike inner tubes. Materials include upcycled microfiche films, crystals and even pearls.

Tashi Himalayan Gift Shop


Gift items from Nepal, India and Thailand for a number of occasions. Offering beautiful cotton summer clothing, bedding, shawls, scarves and felt wool products.



Don’t lose your shirt!


Bokchoy Apparel

El Cerrito

Asian themes on comical, quirky, casual clothing drawn with a dash of zest and personality.

Fili Islander



Everyday gear with a trademark style that gives form to Filipino identity and passion.

Quita design

Las Vegas

T-shirts with bold logos, offbeat Filipino witticisms and pop culture references .


Daly City


Inventive Asian-inspired T-shirt designs.


Your body as canvas


Fortune Kookie Fun

San Francisco

fortune kookie

Children’s party performer who delivers magic shows, waterproof glitter tattoos, balloon sculptures and body painting.


Tattoo For Everyone

San Francisco

A tattoo service for events ranging from fairs to engagement parties, over 300 designs available


Novel ideas


The Head Panda

San Francisco

giraffe hat


Plush animal heads, animal logo shirts, and animal paws wearable for your amusement.

Ecosystems of Hawaii, Inc.


Terrariums with corals and toys populated with miniature red shrimp, also known as Hawaiian Opae’ ula, which do not require, feeding or cleaning.

The Lei Stand

Daly City

golden lei

Leis, upside down plants and clothing accessories inspired by the islands of Hawai`i.


Here is a look at the 2012 vendors:

Accessorize yourself!

Alissa B. Custom Jewelry and Ara Gaubert
Santa Cruz

Alissa B.: One-of-a-kind gemstone-beaded jewelry; makes custom orders on the spot.

Ara Gaubert: Paintings, limited edition prints, plush toys and women’s apparel. and

Bayani Art
Union City
Apparel, accessories, hats and prints that highlight important Filipino figures.
Walnut Creek
Jewelry, art and educational materials on ancient Filipino script.

Celebration Jewelry
Exquisite handcrafted jewelry, including rings, bangles and pendants; cotton tops from Southern India.
San Francisco
Unique handmade jewelry.

Eco Fashions
San Francisco
Collection of uniquely crafted and eco-friendly accessories.

Sustainable and eco-friendly handmade products, such as baby shoes made out of ramen noodle packets.

Fat Rabbit Farm
Line of original hand screen-printed designer apparel, art and accessories; fun designs for all ages to enjoy.

HK 88 Gifts & Crafts
Unique pictures, woodcarvings, earrings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces.

Impressed by Nature
Innovative jewelry made of pressed flower petals and leaves that allows natural beauty to speak for itself.

Jade Trading Co.
Castro Valley
Hats, sunglasses, toys and parasols.

Lady Alamo
San Francisco
Handmade reversible bags, hand silk-screened totes, felted jewelry, wood beaded necklaces, shell earrings, crochet bangles and bracelets.

Laos Essential Artistry
High-quality, hand-woven silk textiles from Laos.

Pittsburg. California.
Filipino merchandise, such as native bags, custom T-shirts and accessories.

Tai Loy Hong Co.
Handmade pearl-embroidered evening purses and handmade natural stone jewelry.

The  Byrd
Local handmade jewelry made of sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.

The Head Panda
San Francisco
Cute plush animal hats and paws; new locally designed T-shirts.

The Real Insect Co.
Redwood City
Amazing handcrafted jewelry and paperweights using real insect, flower and sea life specimens.

Yessica’s Creations
Classic and contemporary jewelry inspired by the beautiful stones, colors and clean lines found in nature.

Apparently you’d look great in this apparel.

Beefy & Co.
San Francisco
Designer apparel, toys and merchandise, inspired by comic superheroes, animations and pop culture.

Bok Choy Apparel
Locally designed apparel featuring Asian humor.

Fili Islander
Authentic Pinoy products, including T-shirts, hats, handcrafted necklaces and baby clothes.

Haruko Creations
Unique T-shirt designs that aim to embrace and celebrate Asian roots.

Kuso Designer Toys LLC
Union City
Creative collection of T-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, phone charms and keychains.

MishMash Boutique
Menlo Park
One-of-a-kind jewelry, apparel and paintings by local fashion designers.

Old Master Q Comics
Santa Clara
Apparel and merchandise influenced by the classic Old Master Q Chinese comic strip.

Phits Images Screenprinting
Unique Asian T-shirt designs.
Foster City
Chic Indonesian clothing and handmade jewelry.

S & C Enterprise
Redwood City
Asian-themed shirts and accessories, including Filipino barong shirts and sarongs.

Daly City

Inventive Asian-inspired T-shirt designs.

T-shirt Johnny
South San Francisco
One-of-a-kind T-shirt designs.

Make your home more homey.

Arakawa Pottery
Los Gatos
Creative Japanese-influenced pottery, both decorative and functional.

Felicity McKnight

Santa Cruz
Original wall hangings composed of cast clay, acrylic and watercolor paints, wire armature, plastic and found objects.

Jane Kiskaddon
San Rafael
Awe-inspiring acrylic paintings and reproductions of the artist’s original paintings.

JumpClickClick Photography
San Jose
Portrait photography that captures memorable and meaningful moments in life.

Labit’s Art & Crafts
Daly City
Unique three-dimensional paper art.

Lonny Schiller
San Francisco
Vintage prints with Asian themes, Chinatown postcards and antique Vietnamese posters.

Taiko Fujimura

Artwork by Taiko Fujimura

San Francisco
Original fine art by Taiko Fujimura.

One Big Love Studio
Handcrafted greeting cards made from prints of original collages and paintings; prints of the artist’s original works.

Origami Mommy
Scotts Valley
Handmade origami artwork using authentic Japanese origami (washi) paper, including ornaments, boxes, greeting cards, jewelry, flowers and photo frames.

Simmi-Su Paper Co.
Handmade cards, post-it notes, holders, individually framed art and dragon robes.
916-392-7760 or 916-837-9044

The Elephant Bowl
Assortment of merchandise, including handmade Tibetan Buddhist paintings, singing bowls, wooden puppets, animals, hairpieces and other Nepalese crafts.
510-985-0221 or 510-374-9718

Thailan When
Original art prints as well as T-shirts and apparel printed with original designs, primarily animal and nature-themed.

Wendy Yoshimura
Prints and cards of the artist’s simple yet intricately detailed watercolor paintings, inspired by the quiet simplicity of Japanese arts.
510-595-6806 or 510-333-3594

Some more goodies.

East West Discovery Press
Manhattan Beach
Asian-themed children’s books. Bilingual books in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Tagalog.

Ecosystems of Hawaii, Inc.
Mini-ecosystems that incorporate the Aloha spirit in glass vases and jars, containing corals, lava rocks, shells, artificial flowers and live miniature red shrimp from Hawaii.

Fortune Kookie Fun
San Francisco
Balloon-twisting art and face and body painting by the Fortune Kookie clown.

Jackie Lo Art and Animezing
Jackie Lo: Origami buttons and Chinese zodiac-themed bookmarks.

Animezing: Japanese pop art-influenced apparel.

Wenia Lee and Honey Tso
Daly City
Wenia Lee: jewelry and small mosaics.

Honey Tso: reusable bags and pottery.
415-206-4627 or 415-713-8132