Learning How To Scuba Dive

Ever since I was little, I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean and what lays underneath all the water. We as humans can’t breathe underwater like fishes do, thus it being a totally new environment fascinated and me, which also got me into scuba diving. I’ve always been a big fan of swimming; my parents would religiously take me to classes every Wednesdays and Fridays after school. Some days I hated going, as it was extra practice after a long day of school. However, majority of the time, going there to swim helped me to relax and get my mind off of school work. But I still needed to do my homework after I got home. The good thing about going swimming, was that I also got to meet and play with my friends. I had a friend that would attend swimming lessons with me, we would get to the pool early, and play around for a little while before attending our classes. Our classes were around 1 – 1.5 hours long, and afterwards we would get something to eat and go home.

After graduating high school, I started going scuba diving with friends jus to try it out. Whilst most of my friends didn’t like scuba diving as much as me, I continued to scuba dive. I attended scuba diving lessons in San Francisco, specifically near Monterey. I had a teacher that was PADI certified take me out for dives every other weekend. Sometimes, we would dive locally, other times we would get on a boat and head out further to dive a new area. Our dive sessions would last 3 to 4 hours, and each time, I would explore the area and have a blast.

As I got more confident in myself, I started to buy scuba gear for myself, so that I didn’t need to keep borrowing my instructors gear. Plus, I considered it an investment, and since I already knew what kind of gear I wanted, and liked, picking the scuba gear wasn’t particularly difficult.

After graduating University, I took a year off, just to travel around the world doing some charity work. Some of the countries I visited included Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and more. During my visits, I also went scuba diving at a local spot, I was guided by a local dive instructor who took us out to the hot spots, and had a blast exploring the dive sites. It was an amazing experience, and would love to come back in the future to revisit these areas.

Nowadays, I’m back in SF doing freelance work. I still regularly go out to scuba dive when I have the time.