Asian Heritage Celebration is a community website run by founder Zach Lim, an Asian American’s born raised in San Fransico. Zach’s parents immigrated from China back in the 1970s. Over the years Zach’s dedicated thousands of hours helping a countless number of people, whether it be doing charity work, volunteering, organizing fairs or just being a team leader at a gathering, he’s made sure to give it his all no matter what’s he’s doing. I am by day a consultant for a tech company and by night a friendly community leader. I’m based in San Francisco and have helped many communities grow in size and attain their goals throughout the years. I primarily work within San Francisco, California, but I hope to expand my horizon in the next few years. I believe in helping anyone that needs help, no matter their cause.

Our Mission

My mission is to assist organizations, charities, communities, and groups to reach their fundraising, digital communications, or public relationship goals as efficiently and as fast as possible. I take extra care in ensuring that the work we do is of the highest quality, I would rather spend an extra day to make it perfect, instead of saying “its good enough“.

Our Journey

My journey begins back in 2000’s, where I helped a local charity reach its goal of raising $10,000. I assisted the owners and volunteers in coming up with a strategic plan of action and was heavily involved in the marketing side. I promoted their cause and helped hire volunteers throughout the months working there. My strong point is being tech-savvy and thus was a huge lifesaver in getting the word out online via social media. I spent many hours working with the team in coming up with a plan, and assisted the owner in setting up Facebook ads and their Facebook page.
In addition, I also helped design and build their website which attracted hundreds of visits within the first week of going live. Whilst the website was quite simple, it got the message out loud and clear and thus word spread like wildfire helping accelerate the growth of the charity.

Overall, I helped the charity raise $10,000 in a month, whereas they predicted it would take at least 4 -5 months.

This blog will be discussing about my personal experiences and personal interests, sharing with the world my journey in helping people. Throughout the years, there have been many challenging yet wonderful moments. Each challenge has helped me grow stronger and become a better person, and I hope that by sharing them with you, you can learn a thing or two on how to deal with them.