My Favourite Dive Sites in Asia

As an avid scuba diver, I’ve always wanted to travel around the world scuba diving and exploring all the different areas of the ocean. So far, I’ve travelled to quite a few Asian countries and almost every single time, I’ve went scuba diving at a local hot spot.

Below is my list of some of the best Asian Dive Spots.

Malaysia, Tioman

beach in Malaysia

Being one of the islands located within the Coral Triangle, it has no doubt one of the most specular view underwater. The area is filled with hundreds of different sea life, whether it be reefs, corals, fishes, critters or even sharks. The area was extremely popular and busy when I went, and rightfully so. I spent hours on end diving with my friends, and we loved every second of it. Meeting the sharks underwater was a very thrilling experience, you never expect to see a shark up so close especially since they are viewed as a scary creature. IN reality, as long as you don’t pose a threat to them, and are not part of their food chain, then you’ll be fine. They were very friendly to be around, and I even got to pat and take a photo with them!

Would 100% recommend this destination, if you’re planning on just touring the area or go scuba diving.

Thailand, Phuket


One of my favourite countries to visit, I’ve been to Thailand several times, and have loved every second of it. The locals are all very friendly plus the food is delicious yet very affordable. I would recommend Shark Point to go scuba diving. Similar to Tioman, it had a large diversity of sea life. You could spot all kinds of creatures, such as shrimp, snapper, barracuda, manta rays and also sharks. It is considered more of an extreme dive spot, thus I would recommend this place if you have experience scuba diving.

Cambodia, Koh Tang

cambodia temples

Located in an inhabited island off the Gulf of Thailand, getting here took a 4 hour boat rid from the nearest town. The great thing about this dive spot, is that you are not limited to just one dive spot, there are many dive sites around the area such as Explosion Reef, Sting Ray Alley or Three Bears. These all have an abundance of reef and fish, with plenty to explore, you’ll lose track of time. You’ll spot lots of different sea creatures such as stingrays, octopus, and more.

Maldives, Ari Atoll


Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, this is one of the few places that I would like to come back again to with someone special. Considered as a romantic place to spend time, I had a lot of fun exploring the area and getting friendly with the locals. We lived in a house on top of the water, thus accessing the sea was right outside my doorstep. I got to visit Ari Atoll, which is a natural atoll. Considered of the best dive sites, it is hard to beat it as you can see an abundance of coral, canyons, and is surrounded by beautiful views.